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Louis F. Dell'Osso, PhD: Scientific Publications

Theses that are the Foundation for much of the INS Research Cconducted by L.F. Dell'Osso, his PhD Students, and others

1. A Dual-Mode Model for the Normal Eye Tracking System and the System with Nystagmus. L.F. Dell'Osso, University of Wyoming, Department of Electrical Engineering (PhD), 1-131, 1968.  (PDF)
[The first normal OMS model containing both the saccadic and smooth pursuit systems that simulated a neurological instability (INS)]

2. An Ocular Motor System Model that Simulates Congenital Nystagmus, Including Braking and Foveating Saccades. J.B. Jacobs, Case Western Reserve University, Department of Biomeedical Engineering (PhD), 1-358, 2001.  (PDF)
[The first normal OMS model simulating both INS and FMNS including both braking and foveating saccades]

3. A Unifying Hypothesis for the Multiple Waveforms of Infantile Nystagmus and their Diagnostic Variation with Gaze Angle and Therapy. Z.I. Wang, Case Western Reserve University, Department of Biomeedical Engineering (PhD), 1-359, 2008.  (PDF)
[The first normal OMS model simulating both INS and FMNS including both their waveforms, variation with gaze angle, and the results of therapy]

4. Dual Mode Control. L.M. Mantgiaris, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Department of Electrical Engineering (MS), 1-25, 1963.  (PDF)
[A control system and model for rapid and accurate chemical mixing that anticipated the need for both a pulse and an integrated step in the saccadic system]

NOTE: Due to their large size, it may take a longer time to download some of these theses.

The following is a chronological list of searchable, downloadable copies of papers published in refereed scientific journals followed by selected book chapters.
[OMLAB Reports, OMLAB Editorials, and other material are available from other pages of the OMLAB website]
To locate papers on a given topic, search the page for that word in the title or the corresponding [keyword] (e.g., for INS or CN, search for "CN"; for FMNS or LMLN, search for "LN"; for other types of nystagmus, including some with CN and LN, search for "nyst"); the key word will appear highlighted.

Nystagmus in Infancy and Childhood. Current Concepts in Mechanisms, Diagnoses, and Management
[2013] R.W. Hertle and L.F. Dell'Osso

Download Book Contents [Text/Figures/Appendices A-D/Errata/Book Covers]  (PDF [~94 Mb])
Download Contents [Videos/KeyNote & PowerPoint Files/Posters] of Appendix E  (Zip File [~722 Mb])
Download Contents [OMLAB Reports/Handouts/Worksheets/Forms/Software] of Appendix F  (Zip File [~34 Mb])
NOTE: These are large files (especially Appendix E, despite having been compressed) and may take a long time to download, even on high-speed connections.

Journal Articles

Key to file names: Bibliography#_Abbreviated Title of Article [keyword]_Year
001_Iterative Calc Blood pO2_1970  (PDF)
002_Dual-Lumen Catheter Blood Sampling_1970  (PDF)
003_Eye Movement Recording Diagnosis CN_1972  (PDF)
004_Hemispheric Control Eye Movements_1972  (PDF)
005_Etude et traitement CN (French)_1972  (PDF)
006_Arrhythmia Anomalous Beat Monitoring System_1973  (PDF)
007_Fixation Characteristics CN_1973  (PDF)
008_Eye Tracking Patterns Schizophrenia_1974  (PDF)
009_OKN Asymmetry INO_1974  (PDF)
010_PAN and Shifting Null_1974  (PDF)
011_Saccadic Velocities_1974  (PDF)
012_Functional Organization OMS_1974  (PDF)
013_CN Intrafamilial Study_1974  (PDF)
014_Variable Stimulus Arc_1974  (PDF)
015_Fast Eye Movement Velocities_1975  (PDF)
016_Saccadic Eye Movement Latencies MultiModal Stimuli_1975  (PDF)
017_Macro Square-Wave Jerks (SWJ) [model]_1975  (PDF)
018_CN Waveforms Foveation Strategy_1975  (PDF)
019_Improving Visual Acuity of the Nystagmic Child [CN]_1975  (PDF)
020_Determination of Null Angles CN_1975  (PDF)
021_Functional Definitions and Classifications of CN Waveforms_1976  (PDF)
022_Braking Saccades: New Fast EM [CN]_1976  (PDF)
023_Quantitative Analysis of OM Deficit in PSP_1976  (PDF)
024_Inverse Latent Macro Square-Wave Jerks (SWJ)_1977  (PDF)
025_Analog Model for Gaze-Evoked Nyst_1978  (PDF)
026_Audio-Ocular Response Characteristics_1978  (PDF)
027_End-Point Nystagmus_1978  (PDF)
028_Saccadic Plasticity_1978  (PDF)
029_Visual Examination Human Faces_1978  (PDF)
030_CN Surgery Quantitative Effects_1979  (PDF)
031_Horizontal Pursuit-Defect Nystagmus_1979  (PDF)
032_Saccadic Latency Lateral Gaze_1979  (PDF)
033_Saccadic Velocity Characteristics: Intrinsic Variability Fatigue_1979  (PDF)
034_Latent Manifest Latent (LMLN) and CN_1979  (PDF)
035_Audio-Ocular Response: Intersensory Delay_1979  (PDF)
036_Plastische dynamische Veranderungen sakkadischen Systems Augenmuskelparesen (German)_1979  (PDF)
037_Model of Alexander's Law of Vestibular Nystagmus_1979  (PDF)
038_Effects CN Surgery_1979  (PDF)

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039_Eye Movement Patterns Dyslexic Children_1980  (PDF)
040_MG Saccadic Eye Movement Waveforms_1980  (PDF)
041_MG Dynamic Changes_1980  (PDF)
042_MG Analog Computer Model_1980  (PDF)
043_INO Plasticity_1980  (PDF)
044_CN Surgery_1980  (PDF)
045_Surgery of CN_1981  (PDF)
046_Alexanders Law: Model Study_1982  (PDF)
047_Effects Age Normal Saccadic Characteristics Variability_1983  (PDF)
048_Multiple DSP SI SO_1983  (PDF)
049_Variable Waveforms Downbeat Nystagmus Imply Short-Term Gain Changes_1983  (PDF)
050_Dwnbeat Nystagmus Pseudocycloid Waveform Improvement BO-Prisms_1983  (PDF)
051_Saccadic Latency Measurments Dementia_1983  (PDF)
052_Edrophonium Test Eaton-Lambert Synd: Quantitative Oculography_1983  (PDF)
053_Nystagmus Blockage Syndrome [CN][LMLN]_1983  (PDF)
054_Strabismus Necessary Condition LMLN_1983  (PDF)
055_SWO Relationship SI SO_1984  (PDF)
056_Audio Ocular Response: Saccadic Programming_1984  (PDF)
057_Slow Saccades HO Anticonvulsant Toxicity_1984  (PDF)
058_Smooth Pursuit Eye Movement Parents Schizophrenics_1985  (PDF)
059_CN LMLN Similarities Differences Relation Strabismus_1985  (PDF)
060_Evaluating Smooth Pursuit Presence CN_1986  (PDF)
061_Hyperactive VOR Cerebellar Degeneration_1987  (PDF)
062_Spasmus Nutans Quantitative Prospective Study_1987  (PDF)
063_LMLN Reversal_1987  (PDF)
064_Saccadic Trajectories Change Amplitude Not Time_1987  (PDF)
065_Oscillopsia Retinal Image Stabilization CN [OSOP]_1988  (PDF)
066_SO SI Preceding Postnatal Appearance CN_1988  (PDF)
067_Torsional Nystagmus: Quantitative Features Possible Pathogenesis_1988  (PDF)
068_CN Contact Lenses_1988  (PDF)
069g_Saccades Huntington Alzheimer_1988Galley_  (PDF)
070_Downbeat Nystagmus Infant_1988  (PDF)
071_Neural Integration Ocular Motility_1989  (PDF)

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072_Tor Seesaw Bowtie Nystagmus Association Brain Stem Anomalies_1990  (PDF)
073_Eye Movement Visual Acuity Spatial Constancy [OSOP]_1991  (PDF)
074_Eye Movement Visual Acuity Spatial Constancy [OSOP]_1991  (PDF)
075_Suppression CN by Cutaneous Stimulation_1991  (PDF)
076_Superior Oblique Myokymia_1991  (PDF)
077_Foveation Dynamics CN (I)Fixation_1992  (PDF)
078_Foveation Dynamics CN (II)Smooth Pursuit_1992  (PDF)
079_Foveation Dynamics CN (III)VOR_1992  (PDF)
080_Foveation Period Stability Oscillopsia Suppression CN [OSOP]_1992  (PDF)
081_Botox AN_1992  (PDF)
082_Superposition Hypothesis VOR Smooth Pursuit Horizontal Combined Eye-Head Tracking_1992  (PDF)
083_Oscillopsia Foveation-Period Stability [OSOP][CN]_1992  (PDF)
084_Hereditary CN Gaze-Holding Failure_1993  (PDF)
085_Reappearance CN After Head Trauma_1993  (PDF)
086_Treatment Abnormal Eye Movements that Impair Vision [CN][AN][nyst][OSOP]_1994  (PDF)
087_Evidence Suggesting Individual OM Control [model]_1994  (PDF)
088_CN LMLN Diagnosis Treatment Foveation Oscillopsia Acuity [OSOP]_1994  (PDF)
089_CN LMLN Differential Diagnosis Treatment Oscillopsia Suppression (Japanese) [OSOP]_1995  (PDF)
090_OM Abnormalities Achiasmic Mutant Belgian Sheepdogs [CN][SSN]_1995  (PDF)
091_Analyzing OM Control Dysfunction_1995  (PDF)
092_Dynamic Properties Human VOR in Roll_1995  (PDF)
093_Convergent-Divergent Pendular Nystagmus_1995  (PDF)
094_Afferent Stimulation CN Foveation Periods_1995  (PDF)
095_Modulation High-Frequency VOR Visual Tracking_1995  (PDF)
096_Two Types Foveation Strategy LN_1995  (PDF)
097_Dysfunction Pontine OPN Impaired Fixation_1996  (PDF)
098_SSN Serendipity_1996  (PDF)
099_Saccades Remembered Targets_1996  (PDF)
100_Oscillopsia Suppression Foveation-Period Variability CN LN AN [OSOP]_1997  (PDF)
101_Two Scenarios SSN Achiasmia Hemichiasma_1998  (PDF)
102_Pendular Nystagmus Peroxismal Disorder_1998  (PDF)
103_CN SSN Achiasmic Mutant Belgian Sheepdog and Human_1998  (PDF)
104_Foveating and Defoveating LMLN Fast Phases_1998  (PDF)
105_EOM Tenototomy Hypothesis [CN]_1998  (PDF)
106_Clinical OM Analysis CN Infancy_1999  (PDF)
107_Achiasmic Mutant Belgian Sheepdog Tenotomy Surgery [CN][SSN]_1999  (PDF)
108_Enhancement of VOR by Prior Eye Movements_1999  (PDF)
109_LN CN Down Syndrome_1999  (PDF)
110_Generation Braking Saccades CN_1999  (PDF)
111_Eye Movements Canine Hemichiasma [CN][SSN]_1999  (PDF)

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112_Audio Ocular Response Saccades Illusory Visual Stimuli_2000  (PDF)
113_Nystagmus: An Exciting Trip to Knowledge / Nistagmo: un Vaggio Affascinante ed Informativo (English & Italian) [CN]_2001  (PDF)
114_Normal OMS Model Dual-Mode Fast Phases LMLN_2001  (PDF)
115_CN Migraine [OSOP]_2001  (PDF)
116_Torsional Component of Horizontal CN_2002  (PDF)
117_eXpanded Nystagmus Acuity Function (NAFX) CN_2002  (PDF)
118g_Clinical Radiographic Eletrophysiologic A(Hypo)chiasma [CN][SSN]_2002Galley  (PDF)
119_MLN APN_2003  (PDF)
120_Characteristics Braking Saccades CN_2003  (PDF)
121_Tenotomy Phase1 Clinical Trial CN_2003  (PDF)
122_APAN CN_2004  (PDF)
123_CN Model_2004  (PDF)
124_Tenotomy Phase2 Clinical Trial INS [CN]_2004  (PDF)
125_Asymmetry Saccade-Vergence Eye Movements_2005  (PDF)
126_VOR Near_2005  (PDF)
127_Tenotomy Memantine APN +Figures_2005  (PDF)
128_INS Tenotomy Saccadic Velocity Small-Signal Gain Hypothesis [CN]_2006  (PDF)
129_INS Vergence Gaze Angle Therapies [CN]_2006  (PDF)
130_INS Behavioral Models [CN]_2006  (PDF)
131_Saccade-Vergence Model_2006  (PDF)
132_Leber Congenital Amaurosis INS [CN]_2006  (PDF)
133_INS Diagnosis Treatment [CN][tenot]_2006  (PDF)
134_Staircase Saccadic Intrusions [model]_2006  (PDF)
135_Tenotomy Foveation Improvement INS [CN]_2006  (PDF)
136_Subclinical SSN INS [CN]_2007  (PDF)
137_Tenotomy+ AN INS [CN]_2007  (PDF)
138_Slow to See INS [CN][model]_2007  (PDF)
139_Tenotomy Surgery Review INS [CN]_2007  (PDF)
140_Sensory Motor Nystagmus Cogan Review INS [CN]_2007  (PDF)
141_Leber Congenital Amaurosis Reverse Blindness Animal INS [CN]_2008  (PDF)
142_INS Contact Lenses [CN]_2008  (PDF)
143_Tenotomy Slow to See INS [CN][model]_2008  (PDF)
144_Leber Congenital Amaurosis Human INS [CN]_2008  (PDF)
145_Wavelets INS [CN]_2008  (PDF)
146_INS Smooth Pursuit [CN]_2009  (PDF)
147_Eye Movement Assessmt Visual Function INS [CN]_2009  (PDF)
148_Two Hypothetical Nystagmus Procedures [CN][tenot]_2009  (PDF)
149_Using NAFX Measure Effectiveness Gene Therapy Canine LCA [CN]_2009  (PDF)

150_Extending NAFX Vertical Multiplanar Data [CN]_2010  (PDF)
151_Effects Acetazolamide INS Waveforms: Comparisons Contact Lenses Covergence [CN]_2010  (PDF)
152_Unifying Model-Based Hypothesis INS Waveforms [CN][model]_2011  (PDF) (Online PDF)
153_Effects Topical Brinzolamide INS Waveforms: Eye Drops for Nystagmus [CN]_2011  (PDF) (Online PDF)
154_Smooth Pursuit Changes after Tenotomy and Reattachment in INS: Model Predictions and Patient Data [CN][model]_2012  (PDF) (Online PDF)
155_Normal Pursuit-System Limitations-First Discovered in INS [CN][model]_2013  (PDF) (Online PDF)
156_FMNS: Effects of Tenotomy and Reattachment [LN][model]_2014  (PDF) (Online PDF)
157_Unifying Neurological Mechanism for Infantile Nystagmus [CN][LN]_2014  (PDF) (Online PDF)
158_Musical Intellect of Infantile Nystagmus [CN][LN]_2016  (PDF (Galley)) (Online PDF)
159_Augmented Tenotomy and Reattachment in Infantile Nystagmus [CN][LN]_2016  (PDF) (Online PDF)
160_Epiretinal Membrane in Infantile Nystagmus [CN][OSOP]_2017  (PDF) (Online PDF)
161_EOM Extirpation in Infantile Nystagmus [CN][tenot]_2018  (Online PDF)
162_Infantile Nystagmus: 3 Complex Cases [CN][surg]_2018  (Online PDF)
163_OMS Control Models: Cerebellar Hypotheses [CN][model]_2019  (Online PDF)
164_Foveation Dynamics CN (IV)Vergence_2019  (Online PDF)
165_LCL Canine [CN]_2020_2019  (Online, Downloadable PDF)
166_Two EE's_2021  (Online, Downloadable PDF)
167_New Clinical Method [CN]_2021  (Online, Downloadable PDF)

For PDFs not yet downloadable from this page:
For downloadable subject eye-movement data from these publications:  Eye-Movement Data

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Selected Book Chapters

Key to file names: Bibliography#_Abbreviated Title of Book Chapter [keyword]_Year
001_Improving Visual Acuity CN_1973  (PDF)
003_Prism Exploitation Gaze Fusional Null Angles CN_1976  (PDF)
004_Control of Eye Movements [OMS]_1976  (PDF)
005_OMS Normal Clinical Studies [CN]_1976  (PDF)
008_CN Waveforms Foveation Strategy_1978  (PDF)
011_FEM Saccades Basic Science Clinical Correlation [model]_1979  (PDF)
012_Nystagmus Contemporary Approach [CN][LN][PAN]_1979  (PDF)

013_Nystagmus Other OM Oscillations [CN][LMLN][AN]_1980  (PDF) {Nystagmus Literature Review: <1980}
014_Caratteri movimenti oculari techniche registrazione (Italian) [OMS]_1980  (PDF)
015_Nistagmo oscillazioni oculari affini (Italian) [CN][LMLN][AN]_1980  (PDF)
016_Clinical Disorders Ocular Movement_[Sacc][CN][LMLN][AN]_1981  (PDF)
017_Nystagmus Other OM Oscillations [CN][LMLN][AN]_1982  (PDF) {Nystagmus Literature Review: 1980-1981}
018_Caracteristicas tecnicas registro movimientos oculares (Spanish) [OMS]_1982  (PDF)
019_Nistagmo oscilaciones oculares relacionadas (Spanish) [CN][LMLN][AN]_1982  (PDF)
020_CN Basic Aspects [LMLN]_1982  (PDF)
021_Nystagmus Other OM Oscillations Intrusions [CN][LMLN][AN]_1984  (PDF) {Nystagmus Literature Review: 1980-1983}
024_Abnormal Head Position Motion Associated Nystagmus [CN][LMLN][AN]_1986  (PDF)
025_Spasmus Nutans Quantitative Prospective Study [CN][LMLN][AN]_1986  (PDF)
026_Nystagmus Other OM Oscillations Intrusions [CN][LMLN][AN]_1988  (PDF) {Nystagmus Literature Review: 1983-1986}

029_Nystagmus Saccadic Intrusions Oscillations Oscillopsia [CN][LMLN][AN]_1990  (PDF) {Nystagmus Literature Review: 1984-1988}
032_Neural Integration Ocular Motility_1990  (PDF)
033_Nystagmus Saccadic Intrusions Oscillations Oscillopsia [CN][LMLN][AN]_1991  (PDF) {Nystagmus Literature Review: 1987-1991}
034_Nistagmo Infantile [CN][LMLN]_1992  (PDF)
035_Saccadic Pathology Plasticity_1992  (PDF)
036_OM Conditions Oscillopsia [OSOP]_1992  (PDF)
039_CN Other Types IN_1993  (PDF)
040_Relationships Oscillopsia VOR Nyst [OSOP]_1993  (PDF)
041_Smooth Pursuit Sampled Visual Input CN_1994  (PDF)
042_Management CN [LN]_1994  (PDF)
043_Eye Movement Disturbances Children [CN][LMLN]_1994  (PDF)
044_Evidence Suggesting Individual OM Control [model]_1994  (PDF)
045_CN LMLN Visual Acuity Oscillopsia_1994  (PDF)
049_Eye Movement Characteristics Recording Techniques [OMS]_1999  (PDF)
049-050_Glossary Chapters 9-11 Glaser [OMS][CN][LMLN]_1999  (PDF)
050_Nystagmus Saccadic Intrusions Oscillations [CN][LMLN]_1999  (PDF)

051_Preliminary Results Tenotomy Adults CN_2000  (PDF)
052_Robust Normal OMS Model CN_2000  (PDF)
053_Robust Normal OMS Model LMLN_2000  (PDF)
054_Nystagmus Basics Models Dysfunction [CN][LMLN][AN][OMS]_2002  (PDF)
055_Development New Treatments CN_2002  (PDF)
056_Robust Normal OMS Model LMLN_2002  (PDF)
057_Hypothetical Fixation System Capable Extending Foveation CN_2002  (PDF)
060_Preliminary Results Tenotomy 10 Adults CN_2003  (PDF)
061_Eye Movement Characteristics Recording Techniques [OMS]_2005  (PDF)
062_Nystagmus Saccadic Intrusions Oscillations [CN][LMLN][AN]_2005  (PDF)
063_OM Recording Nystagmus [CN][LMLN][AN]_2006  (PDF)
064_Combining Therapies INS AN [tenot] [OSOP]_2006  (PDF)
065_Proprioception INS Tenotomy [model]_2006  (PDF)
066_FMNS INS Model_2006  (PDF)
067_Unifying Hypothesis INS Model_2006  (PDF)
068_New Treatments Infantile Other Forms Nystagmus [CN][LMLN][AN][tenot]_2008  (PDF)
069_Eye Muscle Surgery Acquired Nystagmus [CN][AN][tenot]_2008  (PDF)
070_Expanding Original Behavioral INS Model Jerk Waveforms Gaze-Angle Variation [CN]_2008  (PDF)
071_Extension NAFX Vertical Multiplanar Data [CN][LMLN][AN]_2008  (PDF)
072_Vergence Hysteresis Infantile Nystagmus [CN]_2008  (PDF)
073_Extraocular Proprioception New Treatments INS [CN]_2008  (PDF)

074_Mechanism Oscillopsia Suppression [CN][OSOP]_2011  (PDF)
075_INS Waveforms: Mechanisms Yield Best Classification [CN]_2012  (PDF)
076_Predicting INS Treatment Outcomes: NAFX [CN]_2012  (PDF)
www050_Nystagmus in Infancy and Childhood_2018  (Online PDF)

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