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A Conference to Honor Louis F. Dell'Osso, Ph.D. and Celebrate the Opening of the Daroff-Dell'Osso Ocular Motility Laboratory
(May 3-4, 2007)

Conference Program/Abstracts (PDF) (HTML)

Welcome Reception

Day 1: AM Speakers

John Leigh & Michael Devereaux-US <==> Martin Steinbach-CANADA <==> Harold Bedell-US <==> Richard Abadi-ENGLAND <==> Larry Abel-AUSTRALIA <==> Frank Proudlock-ENGLAND


Day 1: PM Speakers

Vallabh Das-US <==> Mark Walker-US <==> John Stahl-US <==> Akio Tabuchi-JAPAN

Evening at Shoreby

Bob Roasting Lou

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<= Bob and Rich Roast Lou                  <= Larry Roasts Lou                  <= Scott Roasts Lou                  <= Jon and Marty Roast Lou

Day 2: AM Speakers

Irene Gottlob-ENGLAND <==> Louis Dell'Osso-US <==> Richard Hertlel-US <==> Robert Tomsak-US

Visit to DD_OMLAB and Lunch

Day 2: PM Speakers

Anichit Poonyathalang-THAILAND <==> Zhong Wang-CHINA <==> Jonathan Jacobs-US <==> Scott Seidman-US <==> Ari Zivotofsky-ISREAL <==> Bernd Remler-US <==> Patrick Lavin-US

Janet Rucker-US <==> Dongsheng Yang-US <==> Michael Devereaux-US <==> Alessandro Serra-ITALY <==> Ke Liao-CHINA <==> Elisa Bala-US

Bob Daroff & Lou Dell'Osso Summing Up <==> Lou's Comments

Bob & Lou: Thanks to all who attended and contributed to make this a memorable conference, especialy to our friends who came long distances, and specifically to John Leigh who, with the help of Mike Devereaux, put this all together.

Lou: I want to also say to our younger researchers that I particularly enjoyed their works in progress. About thirty years ago I was told that someone referred to me at a meeting in Europe as "the nystagmus pope," as Scott did last night. The longevity with which I have held that title is a result of the philosophy that has guided my research career, which I would like to share with you. It is summed up in this quote from an infamous Italian-American (Alfonso Capone, 1899-1947): "Do it first. Do it yourself. And keep on doing it."

Retire to the Mad Greek

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