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The Daroff-Dell'Osso Ocular Motility Laboratory

Readers are encouraged to email questions and suggestions for inclusion in updated versions of each paper (i.e., the paper ceasess to be a static entity but may change with time and input from both the author and others). The additions of such "peer discussions" should allow clarifications and improvements to a paper in a way that can be superior to anonymous "peer reviews" where anonymity sometimes invites abuse of the review process.

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New! Dell'Osso, L.F.: Simulation of Tunnel Acuity in Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome.
OMLAB Report #072020, 1-3, 2020. Last Modified: 7/20/20 (HTML) (PDF)

Dell'Osso, L.F.: Interesting Effects of a Monocular Epiretinal Membrane and Developing Cataracts in the Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome.
OMLAB Report #071514, 1-8, 2014. Last Modified: 7/15/14

Dell'Osso, L.F.: Clinical INS Assessment to Determine Maximally Effective Therapy: What can the Physician Apply from the Bench to the Bedside?
OMLAB Report #061214, 1-44, 2014. Last Modified: 6/12/14

Dell'Osso, L.F.: How Someone with INS "Sees" the World and How to Clinically Assess Therapeutic Improvements in Visual Function.
OMLAB Report #030509, 1-6, 2009. Last Modified: 7/22/10

Wang, Z.I., Dell'Osso, L.F., Abel, L.A., and Cham, K.M.: An Open Letter to the Editor of the NEJM.
OMLAB Report #092508, 1-4, 2008. Author Response: 10/5/08

Wang, Z.I. and Dell'Osso, L.F.: Behavioral OMS Model v1.4.
OMLAB Report #070108, 1-16, 2008. Last Modified: 7/1/08

Dell'Osso, L.F.: The Benefits of Extraocular Muscle Surgery in Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome.
OMLAB Report #123007, 1-8, 2007. Last Modified: 8/28/09 (HTML) (PDF)

Dell'Osso, L.F.: Responding to More than a Response: Tenotomy Improves INS Waveforms.
inos2008 OMLAB Report #071107, 1-12, 2007. Last Modified: 9/23/08 (HTML) (PDF) inos2008

Dell'Osso, L.F.: Original Ocular Motor Analysis of the First Human with Achiasma: Documentation of Work Done in 1994.
OMLAB Report #090506, 1-21, 2006. Last Modified: 9/5/06 (HTML) (PDF)

Dell'Osso, L.F.: Nystagmus Therapies: Types, Sites, and Measures.
OMLAB Report #111905, 1-4, 2005. Last Modified: 11/22/05 (HTML) (PDF)

Automated, Updated & Expanded (2-D NAFX)! Dell'Osso, L.F.: Using the NAFX for Eye-Movement Fixation Data Analysis and Display.
OMLAB Report #111005, 1-12, 2005. Last Modified: 11/13/14 (HTML) (PDF)

Dell'Osso, L.F.: Recording and Calibrating the Eye Movements of Nystagmus Subjects.
OMLAB Report #011105, 1-4, 2005. Last Modified: 10/22/14 (HTML) (PDF)

NEW! Figures from Comment on CSNB nystagmus paper, 2019 Letter to the Editor: Nystagmus in patients with congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB originates from synchronously firing retinal ganglion cells
(Link to Paper and Comment)
CSNB Comment Figures.(PDF)

NEW! Web Cast on November 13, 2013 Pediatric Ophthalmology - Nystagmus in Infancy and Childhood
(Link to Web Cast) [Register to View]

Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory (EBME 319)
EBME 319 Undergraduate Laboratory  

Nystagmus Patient Handouts
1. INS Information (HTML) (PDF)
2. INS Treatments (HTML) (PDF)
3. Tenotomy & Reattachment (HTML) (PDF)
4. INS and Acuity  (HTML) (PDF)
5. INS Miscellaneous (HTML) (PDF)
6. (See OMLAB Report #123007 above)
7. (See OMLAB Report #072020 above)
8. EGN Sobriety Test and DUI (See OMLAB Editorial #071021 on Editorial Page)

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