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The Daroff-Dell'Osso Ocular Motility Laboratory

An Endowed Laboratory of CASE School of Medicine and Case Western Reserve University
Located in the Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Measurement of Human Eye Movements to Study Neurological, Visual, and Vestibular Disorders; Ocular Motor System Function and Dysfunction

Areas of Specialization: Systems and Computational Neurobiology, Ocular Motor Oscillations (Nystagmus and Saccadic), Ocular Motor System Models, Nystagmus Therapies, Vision and Balance, Vestibular Function, Version-Vergence Interaction, Eye-Head Interactions, and Retinal Electrophysiology of Visual Disorders
Measurement techniques: Infrared Reflection, Magnetic Search Coil, and High-Speed Digital Video Systems to record eye movements in the horizontal, vertical and torsional planes of humans; Motion Platform and Rotating Chairs to study balance.
Off-Site Research: Because the Daroff-Dell'Osso Ocular Motility Laboratory is designed for the study of human eye movements only, any non-human studies, e.g., on canines [COMLAB] and mice, have been carried out by specific investigators at other facilities in collaboration with investigators based at those facilities.

EBME 318/319 students click here for lab information

Downloadable copies of the Theses, Book, Journal Articles, and Chapters of: L.F. Dell'Osso

2013 Book [Downloadable Now!] Nystagmus in Infancy and Childhood. Current Concepts in Mechanisms, Diagnoses, and Management
Richard W. Hertle and Louis F. Dell'Osso (Download Flyer) (Download Book Cover) (Download Book and Appendices E and F with videos)

PubMed Links to Recent OMLAB Publications

PubMed Links to Publications of: RB Daroff    LF Dell'Osso     RJ Leigh    JS Stahl
                                                 MF Walker    JB Jacobs

New: Nystagmus Lecture! Dell'Osso LF: A Half-Century of Research in Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome: Theoretical and Clinical Messages. Diostinguished Guest Lecture

OMLAB Editorial! Dell'Osso LF: AGN Roadside Sobriety Test, DUI, and Childhood Nystagmus: A Charge with no Foundation, Test with Flawed Scientific Bases, and Trial that Never Should have Occurred. OMLAB Editorial #071021

Transcript of Expert Testimony in a DUI case based on the AGN Roadside Sobriety Test Administered to a Person with Childhood Nystagmus. The "Editorial Page"

OMLAB Report! Dell'Osso LF: Simulation of Tunnel Acuity in INS. OMLAB Report #072020

Figures from Comment on CSNB nystagmus paper, 2019 Letter to the Editor: Nystagmus in patients with congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB originates from synchronously firing retinal ganglion cells
[Go to "DUAL JERK (INS+NOT NYSTAGMUS) FIGURES" in Reports and Teaching]

1. History of the Daroff-Dell'Osso Ocular Motility Lab About OMLAB
          Canine Ocular Motility Lab: Research, Photos, Videos, and Data [COMLAB]
          In Progress: Canine Eye-Movement Data: Achiasmatic Mutant Belgian Sheepdogs,
                              American Bulldog; RPE65- Briards, and Miscellaneous

          Lab Space and 2007 Conference [DD_Omlab]
          Ocular Motor Termiology and Conclusions [Terminology]
          Analysis Methods for Visual Acuity and Nystagmus [NAFX]
          Ocular Motor Hypotheses: Support and Disproof [Hypotheses]
          Therapeutic Applications of our Research [Therapies]
          Diagnostic Criteria and Clinical Pearls [Diagnostic]
2. Personnel (Investigators, Visiting Scientists, Fellows, Students, Staff) Personnel
3. Downloadable Software, Models, and Data Software, Models, & Data
          OMtools Software [including NAFX]
          Ocualr Motor System Models [Normal, INS, FMNS, Saccadic and Plant Disorders]
          Eye-Movement Data: Published (2002-2014); OMLAB (S001-S347, 1986-2013);
          In Progress: RM Steinman (S001, 1984); Han Collewijn (AS001, 1993)
4. OMLAB Reports, Patient Handouts, and Teaching Reports & Teaching
          Reports: Eye Movement Recording, Calibration, and NAFX; Therapies; Achiasma;
                    Surgery; INS Model; INS Assessment; Other
          Patient Handouts: INS; INS Treatments; T&R; INS Acuity; Miscellaneous
5. The Editorial Page The Editorial Page
          Ethical Science, INS Outcome Measures
6. Contact Information Contact Us

OMtools [02 Feb 2019] OMtools has undergone major renovation and testing in 2018, and is now available. It has been thoroughly modernized to work with recent MATLAB versions, and is easier to install and configure than before. It can now import Eyelink EDF files (with free download of SR-Research's developer kit for Mac, Linux, or Windows).

DD_OMLAB Dissertations Now abvailable are downloadable PDF's of the PhD Dissertations of LF Dell'Osso, JB Jacobs, and ZI Wang. These contain the first OMS models to simulate normal function and both INS and FMNS.

DD_OMLAB Data! Now abvailable for research and study are 557 deidentified, digitized, eye-movement data sets from all of the 347 subjects recorded in our lab from 1986 to 2013. Data recorded elsewhere will soon be added. DD_OMLAB Data
Last Data Upload: [Oct 16, 2018] Spreadsheets Updated: [Dec 3, 2015]

OMLAB Report! Dell'Osso LF: Interesting Effects of a Monocular Epiretinal Membrane and Developing Cataracts in the Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome. OMLAB Report #071514

OMLAB Tutorial! Dell'Osso LF: Clinical INS Assessment to Determine Maximally Effective Therapy: What can the Physician Apply from the Bench to the Bedside? OMLAB Report #061214

Web Cast! [Access Now Available] Pediatric Ophthalmology - Nystagmus in Infancy and Childhood (Link to Web Cast) [Register to View]

Corrected Version! [May 31, 2013] OMS Model v1.5 User-Guide (Software)
Updated! [May 31, 2013] Latest updates and bug fixes to OMtools and NAFX (Software)
Click here to download OMS Models v1.5, v1.4, & v1.0

[May 21, 2010] NAFX can now evaluate biplanar nystagmus data and contains significant usability and speed enhancements

Note Added: [September 24, 2010]
Dell'Osso LF: Appropriate Outcome Measures for Infantile Nystagmus Therapies: "Science-based" not "Evidence-based" Studies. OMLAB Editorial #010410

Epilog Added: [August 6, 2008]
Dell'Osso LF: INOS 2008 - Ethical Science or Something Else? OMLAB Editorial #071107
INOS Members Need to Knowinos2008 inos 2008

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